Canning Vale
Pressure Cleaning & Sealing

Canning Vale is a remarkably modern area with lots of nice housing and ample amenities. While some parts of Canning Vale are new with housing still going up, the established sections are now up to 25 years old.

With Canning Vale having so many nice homes across a fairly tight age range, we're seeing a lot of common job requests in the area. This area has many feature driveways and outdoor areas, and we see a lot more exposed aggregate, liquid limestone and decorative surfaces compared to other middle-ring suburbs. What this typically means for us, is that owners have surfaces such as liquid limestone that are heavily tarnished with growth, staining and discolouration from UV exposure, but are structurally in good condition due to there being very few "old" houses. This provides great opportunities to restore the look and brilliance of these surfaces through pressure cleaning, rather than having to resurface areas or replace the substrate altogether.

Ask us how we can restore your surfaces.

Market Leading Penetrating Sealers

Sealer technology has come a very long way, even in the last 5 years.

Solvent based coating sealers are no longer necessary and for most use cases, are far inferior to modern water based penetrating sealers.

We can prevent growth, staining (wine, oil, coffee etc.) and prevent colour fading very effectively and for a very long time. Until recently, water based sealers had an effective lifespan of less than two years, where we can now get up to 10 years with some products.

We can apply Fluoropolymer, Silane/Siloxane, PolySiloxane, Sodium Silicate, or Siliconate sealers depending on your needs.


Why to Choose a Penetrating Sealer

If we’ve been called to clean and restore a surface, then chances are it’s likely to need it again in the not to distant future, if not sealed.

Here’s a few of the benefits: